Protect your baby from severe RSV with in-home therapy from the experts at Amerita.

Be assured that your baby’s therapy and medication will be trouble-free with Amerita. Each of our Clinic Coordinators is paired with one of our experienced, dedicated Synagis® team members who ensures a quick turnaround time and continuity of care. We make sure medication shipments arrive prior to your baby’s scheduled appointment date and specialize in helping you with:

  • Synagis benefit verification
  • Prior authorizations
  • Compliance management
  • Second season identification

Expect Triaging Ser vice, If Needed

While Amerita contracts with Medicaid and many other commercial insurance plans, some payors may require Synagis to be provided by a specific specialty pharmacy. If your insurance mandates the use of another specialty pharmacy, we will identify the required pharmacy and fax the referral—keeping you informed throughout the transfer process.

Benefit from Home Health

Home health arrangements are made for approved patients. Each month, Amerita communicates with both the parent/caregiver and the home health agency to coordinate medication shipment.

Receive Compliance Management Support

Working closely with clinics, home health agencies and parents/caregivers, we help ensure patient compliance during Synagis season. We provide you with RSV prevention education, appointment reminder calls and access to our expert pharmacists. Our Clinic Coordinators are immediately notified of any non-compliance to therapy.

Physicians: Your Decision. Your Call.

Meet the special medication needs of your high-risk patients with our experts who provide unmatched service, 24/7 support and compassionate care. Contact your Amerita representative today or call our Synagis Hotline at (855) RSV-BABY or (855) 778-2229.

I wanted to express my appreciation to you and Amerita. You supplied me with literally everything I needed, physically and educating me on home TPN use. Your attention to me, labs, orders, and home health were outstanding. I am feeling great and most of my symptoms related to malnutrition are gone. I will be thinking about going back to work soon. I am maintaining my weight, eating well and no vomiting. Yeah!! My life the past eight months has been very hard, and the five weeks of TPN pushed me past all the problems/symptoms. My doctor is happy with my progress and stated I look like a different person. I did express my opinion to him regarding you and Amerita. So thank you, thank you, thank you.
Patient - Amarillo, TX