Enjoy normal activities, prevent recurrent infections and reduce readmissions with proactive, patient-focused care from Amerita.

You will experience a better quality of life with individualized Ig therapy and support from local, physician-trusted experts. Infusions are given and monitored by an experienced RN. We customize our services to meet each patient’s needs and provide ongoing assistance and support.

Enhance Your Therapy with Thorough Education and Communication

Amerita offers the first dose of Ig therapy in the ordering physician’s office or at your home. We also:

  • Provide therapy education
  • Review insurance benefits with re-authorization support
  • Review product and dose rate adjustments, drug interactions, contraindications of therapy, and supply requirements
  • Keep physicians up to date on your progress
  • 24/7 clinical support

We Make the Process Easier

With one physician referral call to Amerita, you receive quick local service and support. In addition, we:

  • Efficiently assist in gathering documentation to minimize physician staff interruptions
  • Navigate the pre-authorization process and financial issues
  • Provide liaison services as needed to provide prescribed therapy
  • Communicate with and educate you on the therapy process
  • Provide timely delivery of Ig therapy to your preferred service site

Physicians: One Call and We Do the Rest

I have never had a bad experience working with Amerita. The only time I do not use them is if the patient’s insurance is not contracted. The Nurse Liaison that comes to our facility is always right where I need her. She does all the work such as contacting the physician, getting needed documents and speaking with patients for me. She makes the referral process a very pleasant experience.
Hospital Case Manager - Prescott, AZ