Promote the healing process and improve your overall quality of life with proper nutrition and unparalleled care.

Patients appreciate local care, personal attention and the comfort of knowing an experienced registered dietitian is overseeing their nutrition goals. At Amerita, we advocate for you and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to provide you with the most thorough nutrition evaluations and recommendations.

Customized Nutrition Needs

Amerita’s comprehensive TPN protocol includes:

  • Customized formulations based on your nutrition, electrolyte, and fluid needs
  • Monitoring and evaluation support from a team of Home Infusion Pharmacists and Dietitians
  • Individualized training for you and your caregiver, provided in your home or outpatient setting to assure that therapy continues as ordered by your physician
  • Helping you adjust to alternative sources of nutrition and, when possible, to begin eating again
  • Easy-to-use ambulatory pumps with backpacks
  • All manufacturers’ enteral formulas
  • 24/7 clinical support

Making the Process Easier

Amerita is focused on providing complex pharmaceutical products and services for patients and offers:

  • Expedited patient care with timely insurance verification and authorization
  • Coordinated nursing and home care
  • Quick delivery of our nutrient-rich solutions to your home or hospital
  • High patient satisfaction scores measured by an independent company
  • Registered Dietitian for consultation
  • 24-hour patient access to nursing and pharmacy

Physicians: It’s Your Call

I have never had a bad experience working with Amerita. The only time I do not use them is if the patient’s insurance is not contracted. The Nurse Liaison that comes to our facility is always right where I need her. She does all the work such as contacting the physician, getting needed documents and speaking with patients for me. She makes the referral process a very pleasant experience.
Hospital Case Manager - Prescott, AZ